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Best FREE software for remote access


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 the info is offered for free - you can D.I.Y. or pay us (please share feedback) 



  • Free (you can upgrade to pro)
  • access a 3rd party computer anywhere on the net or vica versa, includes chat (text or voice) and video
    • Perfect to intro a customer to a website
      • the instal file is very small and quick
  • It's password protected
  • Brilliant to access your 2nd computer (24/7 even if unattended)
  • Iphone option (full access to your computer on your iphone)
  • my home computer is on 24/7, I access it from office or my iphone to view, control or transfer files
  • I ask my overseas clients or (staff) to instal the software, then I join their screen and explain how to??? and we can text or voice chat at the same time



how it works 

  • each party must download the software 
  • you need the password to the remote computer (ad hoc or generic) 
  • you can swtich control between computers. 
  • each time you log out a new password is requried (good security) or you can change the settings to use the same password (brilliant for an unattended computer).
  • VIDEO TUTORIAL - many on Youtube - click here  (if you site is youtube blocked email the link to your unblocked connection ie., your iphone)


how to instal

When you visit the download centre click here  take a moment to view the options (basic or comprehensive version)

  • When you run the instal software select “private use" for free use (you can change to Commercial use if you like software).
  • Then run the program and give ID number and password to the 3rd party (me)  to access your station



Don't worry, after the 3rd party logs off they can not get back in unless you have created a permanent password (easy to change). 


other options 

Bonus - if you Travel and want to access your computer at home or work...
  • you can set a permanent password so you can access your system from another location.. that's brilliant.
  • They now have an Iphone option so you can access all your computers on your iphone (Brilliant).


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