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See Opportunity

Visualise any opportunity to give your Biz name to a "web link" is

like giving out 100 biz cards ....

biz cards "reach some one"
web links "reach of everyone"

Old School


Old school:  Biz cards: 

  • You incur time to create, cost to print, and at most every opportunity you give you out biz card.
  • You give a minute or an hour seeding information into the memory of the listener, to build rapport! 
    • If you don't give your biz card they may or may not remember or find you.
    • You may or may not get a result from that encounter.  
  • The listener may keep or misplace your biz card.
    • Depends on the contact and if they remember which pocket they used for safe keeping!
  • When they want you they refer to your biz card .. is it current ?
    • if misplaced your card ... now what 
      • mutual contact or
      • "New school" "Google it!"

New School

New school: web card
  • Web links - many are free 
  • You give a minute or an hour seeding the information into memory of the web, to build rapport!
    • The content only need to be details on your biz card and a live link to your website
    • You don't have to make them remember just display the info where they will search.
  • When the customer (new or existing) needs you just "Google it"
    • if your not indexed by Name, topic, activity you might create one less customer

A website is not the immediate solution.

  • a website is your home!
  • if you don't distribute information in "web" road maps how will they find your home!!!!

Deciding how much time is enough

Old school
  • Investing time (and money) building rapport for you or your business is trial and error.
    The same is true about New School, the difference is the culture.


Success will never be until preparedness and opportunity meet!



Check the brilliant FREE options offered by Google ...
Yellow pages is a thing of the past unless you like tax deductions??