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google sites stuff

stuff for google sites
  • Banners - are things used to catch your attention and to link to other locations - they can be pictures or animated pictures
  • free forum - can link to it outside your website or display within your website - sample - see panel adds - forum
  • gadgets - can be used to display swf file animation or adds or novelty - clocks, calendars - see samples - gadgets
  • Most of the gadets which can contain many free animated displays on the web are made by the legend Prac - he makes many helpful devices for google site users ... http://sites.google.com/site/annuairevin/tips-and-tricks-for-google-sites 
  • Various amazing things in the web can be captured into google sites using gadets, some of the items can be seen in the work that Prac has assited me to capture at  prac is a legend
  • GIF - still photos - search google under images
  • GIF animation - search google and include the words gif free animation or see our library - gif animation - see the sub-pages for more categories
  • Lab tests - where we paste stuff to work on like stuff (designs/graphics/gadgets) to use in google websites or email presentation for clients to use
  • Links to usefull stuff ... http://delicious.com/Luckyroo
google sites - what things can be done using google sites - see this guide