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Member Information and Journals

Welcome to the second edition of e-Manager, a new information segment Professional Members.
How to Make Best Use of Praise to Motivate Your Staff - Praising is a management skill that is simple, inexpensive and inexhaustible. Click here to read about how to give the right kind of praise, in the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons....

This fortnight's highlighted management and leadership articles are:

·                          Emerging Leaders - 20 Ways to Become a Better Communicator - Supervisors have to be many things - but first and foremost, they have to be good communicators.

·                          Professional Managers - In a Downturn, Provoke Your Customers - Even as discretionary budgets are drying up, some B2B vendors have found a way to reach their customers' resource owners and motivate them to buy. They do this by identifying a thorny issue in the customer's company or industry and developing an original, compelling point of view about it.

·                          Senior Leaders - Managing In Today's Troubled Environment: A Primer for Directors and Senior Management - Executives should consider the need for risk reviews that focus on liquidity and capital resources to develop a risk oversight plan. They should also initiate a review of the company's current business operating plan, identify and implement cost reduction, and should establish a program for monitoring on a real time basis.

·                          Women in Business and Management - 8 Strategies Your Business Can Use to Make it in 2009 - Businesses should be creative and innovative in times of crisis to retain their customers.

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Membership Professional Development

·                          AIM Mentoring Program - Voluntary AIM Mentors required for May - Information briefing and support provided (Professional Members only)

·                          Fellow Member Insights - So, who are some of our Fellow Members? What secrets of success can they share to help boost your way through the corporate maze? What has inspired and challenged them over their careers to date? Click here and read about the latest Fellow of the Institute to share their wisdom.

·                          AIM is pleased to present a suite of its highly regarded Open Programs in the regional centres of WA which includes Bunbury, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Port Hedland. Each program is designed to give you practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately when you return to work. Click her for more information. Also - did you know that AIM now offers a special 25% discount on the annual subscription fee for Professional Members who are regionally based?