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lab test- animated gif

11/02/09 email from Prac to explain how to manage another map system... must get back to this project
google maps 
toursim project. we have 2 streets. soi 15 and soi 19 where we have reviewed 5 hotels and 15 venues (shops) .. how do we place the pics of these places and details so tourists can see the details?
1. try to save the details in google earth
2. try to create a word doc designed map and paste the photos and short details about each place inside a word doc so the client can print it out?
which is easier for the tourist and which is easier to keep updated?



20/03 gif still image - auto change = solved

if used in several lcoations can we change one and auto change the others ? = Yes
25/03 progress report.  auto populate/change an existing gif file... 
1st load it into the sites filing cabinet, then insert the image to a sites page using the option of link to a url which is the address of the image in the filing cabinet.
(right click on the image in the filing cabinet, select properties and note the url) .  
repeat this process or just copy and paste the image
if you want the image to have a hyperlink to another location (like a banner add) then create the hyperlink on the 1st inserted image and then copy and paste.
to auto change all images.  
update the orginal image on your computer, go to filing cabinet and reload using the same info as the existing image, it will be loaded into the filing cabinet over the top fo the previous item and retains the same properties so all existing images that link to it will be auto changed. 
how about if the images have hyperlinnks, like banner adds, will they be retained on the updated image - ? not sure - have to test

26/02 gif animation - 3rd party sites - solved

can we copy or link to it = yes... but
answer: Yes but if the owner changes it, deletes it or their site is down, it will be reflected in your site.  To control this save to disk and then load to google docs then you are the owner/controller. then copy to sites or link to it from sites.
can we change the image in google docs and auto change the image elsewhere - no - have tested and it does not work?

26/02 GIF animation - on disk = solved

does not animate on sites ?

answer: load into google docs, then copy to sites or in docs change the page to publis and copy the images url and in sites you either copy or paste you insret a link to it;s url.. the image will now animate.

10/05 - gif animation - auto change  = solved

need to have a source location with a unique file name.
loading the image to good docs animates but you can not control the file name so updating will change the file name
photobucket - it allows you to assign a unique name to the image
  insert the image anywhere, many times and point to the location in photobuck.
  when u want tochangew the image - delete the orginal and upload the new using exactly the same name and all locations will auto change

assortment of animated GIF

found on the net or made - see the sub-pages at the bottom of the page for categories
The examples hereunder are in no particular order, as we see something good we take a copy and link to it later..
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