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Brand Power


It's a bit of a left brain right brain thing.



Many marketers and business owners get hung up in the left brain trying to maximise the return on investment (ROI) for marketing and web investment.

That is not to say that you shouldn't focus on these things, quite the contrary, but by doing this however, it is easy to lose site of the power of creativity with your brand and communication.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of just writing and writing and ending up with a boring looking, hard to read page of gobbledygook. Even if the story is well written and has great messages, if no one reads it...it is no good.

What can the creative process do to help you communicate more effectively aaaand help with ROI?

1. Appeal to the SENSES
•    Colour
•    Font sizes - vary them
•    Shapes
•    Video
•    Audio

2. STAND-OUT from the crowd
In the absence of any differentiator, we only have price to make a decision on. If you want premium prices for your products or services (maximise ROI), you need to give people a reason to chose you...that means doing things differently.

3. DIFFERENTIATE your business - quickly, memorably
Don't swim with the pack; an image can help.

The other thing about an image, you can let it speak for you without having to write 1,000 words.

4. Appeal to EMOTIONS
I bet you have done this before; asked questions, taken measurements to make sure it fits, read the technical brochures, asked friends, set budgets, searched the web for reviews...and then gone and bought the one in your favourite colour, or the one that looks "so cool" or any number of other emotional reasons...all fully justifiable of course.

Here's an example for you. Why have so many people just purchased an Apple ipad? I've heard all sorts of excuses (sorry reasons) why, but I also hear a lot of people saying "I'm not actually sure what I'm going to do with it or if it will help with my business. I just had to have it!" Thats emotional.

It's being part of the right crowd. It's being envied. It's being at the forefront of new trends or developments. It's emotion, that's what it is. Did you need one? Of course not! It was just the next must have toy.

You should want your business, your service, your products to have this "must have" edge. Invest in good creative. Build your brand. Build a long term sustainable business.

CREATIVE TIP: Get the design process started (be it a logo, website, product packaging or a printed brochure) by writing down in 10 words or less what your company is or what it stands for, and use mainly adjectives. This will help your designer create the right look and feel, shapes and colours. Of course, the design and creative work needs to be done in close collaboration with your chosen creative designer.

Some Creative Logic To End With
Remember, the more recognisable and in demand your brand is, the more valuable an asset it will be to your business, and it can be worth a lot. Add value and profits to your business over time. There you go, a bit of left brain logic as support for adding more creative process to your business!

Go forth and multiply...with Creative Digital Marketing

And remember if it is all too hard simply talk to us, we have the Creative and Digital Marketing experts ready to work with you.